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This web based toolkit will help you plan for floods that may affect your business.

It consists of a series of self guided steps to help you develop a customised Business FloodSafe Plan

The plan you develop should form part of your Business Continuity Management Plan. Continuity management minimises the impact of situations that can prevent the business operating for extended periods of time. Elements of an existing Business Continuity Management Plan may be used in the development of your Business FloodSafe Plan.

This toolkit enables you to start, save and revisit your plan at a later time to complete, review or update it. It also allows you to save a copy on the server for future edits, or to download a copy to save on your own computer. If you wish to, you can also choose to delete your plan from the server.

The toolkit is designed to be flexible which will enable you to customise your plan to your specific business needs and allow you to add or delete as much detail as you need.

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